SFSB - Project Partner

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Slavonski Brod – SFSB

Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod is the center of higher education in mechanical engineering in the eastern Croatia. The Faculty has 5 departments, following by research laboratory at each department. The Faculty continually works on enhancing scientific capacities in terms of the number, skills and competences of teachers elected in the scientific-teaching, teaching and associate titles. Its main goal is to profile itself as an outstanding research institution and enhance the quality of scientific research by international cooperation among scientists. In addition to the successful implementation of the higher education curriculum, the Faculty successfully conducted a number of national and European scientific and educational projects. Aiming to exchange experience in teaching, implement joint studies, conduct projects and publish scientific papers, the Faculty cooperates with the largest regional industrial representatives as well as 27 faculties, higher education and research institutions in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

SFSB has participated as either the lead beneficiary or partner in a number of national and international projects from 2007 until now. Scientific research were conducted within eleven projects financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. In addition, the Faculty was the lead beneficiary of numerous research and technology projects financed by other national institutions such as the project financed by the Croatian Institute of Technology funded by BICRO (PoC Public – Proof of Concepts).

SFSB are primarily oriented towards the research projects which are directly or indirectly aimed at practical application in industry, supporting innovation and technology development.

SFSB, as a project partner in RESCUE project, will be directly responsible for establishing renewable energy sources (RES) based building energy system for SFSB public building. Expected benefits for SFSB are related to gaining and disseminating know-how in renewable energy usage and energy efficiency measures for public buildings towards achieving energy independent public buildings. Very important benefit is in continuation and improvement of international co-operation with FTN and KCV in Novi Sad and FERIT as co-operation partner in the field of sustainable energy, further development of high-education, research and innovation in RES technologies, smart building energy management systems, further development of RES Laboratory.

More information about SFSB can be found on the website.