KBCO - Project Partner

The Clinical Hospital Center Osijek - KBCO

Clinical Hospital Center Osijek is one of the five most important and most important medical institutions in the Republic of Croatia and only one in eastern Croatia. KBCO carries out health services for the population of five eastern Croatian counties, with more than 800,000 people (Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Srijem, Požega-Slavonia, Virovitica-Podravina and Brod-Posavina). KBCO has scored the significantly wide scope of development in the hospitalization of almost all medical and healthcare activities, specialized consultative protection from almost all medical and healthcare activities, daily hospital supply in the context of outpatient treatment of almost all medical and healthcare activities, activities medical- biochemical laboratory, hospital pharmacy, scientific and teaching activity. 
In the 2017. the KBCO has provided the care for 37.617 stationary patients, with the average daily visits of 5.000 persons (including stationary patients, visitors, daycare patients, medical staff, non-medical staff, students and other guests). The operation of KBCO is supported by 3040 employees, consisting of 2.327 medical staff and 713 non-medical professionals in different offices. The KBCO offices include following services: maintenance and engineering, financial office, public procurement office and many others. The significant experiences of the technical office (especially the knowledge of maintenance and engineering office) will be of great importance for the project implementation.

KBCO is continually working on strengthening its scientific capacity and professional skills in terms of the skills and competences of its employees elected to scientific-teaching, teaching and associate professions and professional occupations. Its main goal is to profile itself as an outstanding health and research institution and to improve the quality of health care through scientific research through international collaboration of experts and scientists.

KBCO does not have a lot of experience in running EU projects, but has a number of projects with other organizations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency. 
At the moment from EU funds it is signed Grant contract for the project "Research and diagnostics of malignant and rare diseases based on MALDI TOF technologies" which tackles the technological capacities of Chemistry Department and raises scientific excellence concerning biomedicine and health sector. Project is in the process of implementation and upon realization it will contribute targeted groups (health workers, patients as general population but also diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries and as added value educational activities).

Most of the activities of the KBCO, as a project partner in the RESCUE project, will be related to the implementation of renewable energy sources (RES) based building energy management system (BEMS) and integration of clean technologies for the production of electrical energy. The role of the KBCO will be to use the institution prominent position, in order to increase the visibility of the project results and help raise awareness on the benefits offered by smart technologies. The installed power of RES based systems at the KBCO public buildings will serve as an exemplary facilities for educating general public and instigate other public buildings to integrate RES based solutions for reducing their carbon footprint. This will promote the importance of using RES systems and improving energy efficiency in public buildings, aligning KBCO with the energy performance of buildings directive (2010/31/EU). 

More information about KBCO can be found on the website.